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Let us help you upgrade your current skill sets, prep for an audition and gain an understanding of the rigorous requirements of a working performer/artist with our MasterClasses & Two-week workshop intensives in Musical Theatre, Vocal Tenacity, Dance Creativity, Acting, and Instrumental passions.




Are You Getting Industry Relevant Training?

We believe you deserve world-class coaching to ready you for the endless opportunities out there.

Feel like you have no gifts, skills or talent.

Too much competition out there.

How do you find your voice in a social media-driven world?

No freedom to explore your craft.

Current skills aren’t good or competitive enough.

Unable to express yourself freely without feeling judged and condemned.

We believe you deserve to be a creatively confident, fearless and hopeful artist.

Learn from award-winning experts.

I came into the field highly unskilled and ignorant, but then I discovered these great performing principles that every creative artist should know about and you know what, I don’t deal with insecurity, fear, and doubt anymore.

These phenomenal coaches and brilliant curriculum can help you get there too.

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Need a safe environment to explore your skills as a performing artist?

These MasterClasses & Two-week workshop intensives promise to be educational steppingstones of the performing arts, a mission to enlighten, nurture and guide our young up-and-coming talent.

It’s Acres of Diamonds’ initiative to create a sound platform for our young artists in South Africa providing a safe environment to uplift, transform and integrate our culture.

How to register for our MasterClasses & Workshops.

Follow these 3 easy steps below.

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2. Secure Your Spot

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Shift the Way You Look at Your Passion… Forever!

The basis of these MasterClasses and workshops is learning by doing, using a hands-on, practical, experiential approach. It is constructed to deliver a great deal of content in a short time.

Stage Production

An electrifying experience culminating in a stage production showcase, for friends, family and industry producers, directors and agents, utilising minimal sets, costumes and props.

World Class Coaches

With a team of highly qualified teachers and mentors, through extensive experience and research, we take hands to form a solid platform for any individual who wants to enter this exciting and challenging industry.

Live Your Dream

You have the opportunity to connect with students from around the country and collaborate on your artistic passions. Rediscover the essence of your truest self-expression.

Star In Our TV Series

Let us capture the process of you becoming an expert in your field while growing your following… Dedication leads to recognition and what is a better way of being recognised through LIVE television.

BPSC taught me a lot about the industry but even more about myself. I would not be the performer and teacher I am today without it.

Mongene Burgh

Actress | Teacher | Nutrition Expert, MB Nutritions

Ferdinand gave me an opportunity to shine and brought out the best in me.

Because of you, I can live my dream!

Renaldo Alberts

Professional Singer

The experience & the way the team guided us, made me realise that I am enough & that I can “defy gravity”. 

Chloe Marais

Wellness and Fitness Coach, NOED Moods

What Our Students Get…

1. Warm-ups to work on technique.

2. Learning to integrate different disciplines.

3. Solo masterclasses focusing on performance quality.

4. 50 hours of Direction by an experienced industry Musical/stage/film Director

5. 25 hours of coaching sessions with an Industry Professional

6. 20 hours of Acting direction and guidance with a skilled Theatre Director

7. 15 hours of Studio/On Set Recording time

8. 2 Live Performances to a paying audience

9. Auditioning Techniques in relevant fields.

10. Q&A with industry players – agents, performers, choreographers, directors

11. Group photo

12. Digital folder containing all pictures taken during the process.

13. Digital folder containing a high-definition recording of performances.

14. Digital folder containing live recording of Q&A session.

15. Certificate of achievement

16. APSC students will receive a 2-3 minute showreel.

17. VPSC & IPSC students will receive a demo recording.

You get all this, plus the opportunity to be considered for a partial bursary, be signed by representation and participate in our 6-part TV Series GEMS when you register for a two-week intensive TODAY!

Expand Your Artistic Dreams and Goals

The cost structure is based on hours of service, expertise from multiple, working industry professionals, a 14-day commitment, the provision of materials and industry connections, theatre time, 1-on-1 training sessions, recording opportunities, media channels and resources, as well as the bespoke curriculum and training provided.

**Payment plans are available on request.



Full Payment & Registration by 31 December 2022.

Save 20%.

Total Fee: R11 600.00


50% Deposit of R7250.00 at registration.

6 Monthly instalments of R1208.33.

Total Fee: R14 500.00


25% Deposit of R3625.00 at registration.

6 Monthly instalments of R2416.67

Total Fee: R18 125.00


No deposit. 6 Monthly instalments at R3250.00.

First instalment at registration.

Total Fee: R19 500.00

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